Pelican Peak


Pelican Peak puts a unique twist on the classic zipline by immersing guests in a cultural experience that digs into the rich history of St. Maarten.

Your adventure begins at the base of Pelican Peak, located just steps from the cruise ship terminal. After an initial safety orientation riders will hop into our open air troop carrier and cruise through the lush hillside towards the summit. At the top visitors can explore various walking trails and lookout points to gain unique perspectives of the Caribbean Ocean and neighboring islands. The flightline is positioned over 500 feet above sea level and runs 1800 feet long. Riders will take in the natural beauty of St. Maarten at speeds of 50mph as they soar towards Philipsburg’s Great Bay.

Pelican Peak is a Sea to Sky Ventures project, we work to preserve the environmental sanctity of the land while promoting conservation. Our goal is to provide our guests with an experience that combines the fun of attractions with the culture, beauty and history of St. Maarten.